Hello lovely readers, my apologies for sort of abandoning this blog. I now moved to a new blog domain, The Pvllinblog.blogspot.com The message for the Pollin Blog is to disperse all the beautiful talents encompassed in my being, from my personal style, short films, music, DIY's and more. The idea being to disperse all the positive messages I possess, no longer limiting my possibilities as a multi dimensional artist. To disperse the seeds giving life inspired by natures natural pollination process. I hope to see the lovely readers from this blog on my new blog, as I will no longer be blogging on this one. 

Much Love,

Appreciating winter...

    Photos by: Priscilla Ivette

Snowy weather and ice cold winds aren't exactly my cup of tea, and often I can find it quite hard to stay happy during the winter, considering how much I'm devoted to being a summer gal. As of lately the thought of a warm breeze, sunny skies, and beautiful flowers has been a craving more desirable than chocolate! Yes, chocolate, this is serious. For those of you who don't live in a cold state or NYC in general this particular post might just serve for artistic purposes, but for me taking these flower photos was a serious escape into what a dream land summer is to me. Sometimes it's important to take those small things that bring us to our happy place and create a whole new work of art.

Today, looking out the window with the visuals of a white world it didn't phase me or surprise me one bit considering just how cold this winter actually is brrrrr... To maintain my winter sanity I usually keep flowers in my room and as I began to change my flowers and pour the water down the sink I noticed my flowers were dying. It wasn't until this very moment that I realized the sight of these flowers were my bliss. At first it upset me that they too had died along with the rest of summers flowers, then I really looked at them and realized they hadn't lost their beauty but in fact they had a new beauty formed around them in their entirety.

 I managed to find a new perspective on winter in a matter of seconds

after this realization I  tried to express the true art form that had just been reborn before my eyes. These photos are now my true blissful escape to a season I love. Without winter I wouldn't have these amazing photos and new found appreciation for the small beauty expressed so uniquely in every passing season... Cold or not we can all cherish a new detail.

Much love,
Priscilla Ivette

Beauty||*Holiday inspired look*

Tis the Season to indulge in beautiful dark berry red hues, bronze lightly pigmented, eye shadows to top off a great simple Holiday look. Here's an easy fun look to try this season! 


||Products used for this look||
Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara with Rice Extracts 

Happy Holidays!
Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

Personal Style|| Life, October Hues

As Winter creeps upon us, running outside the second the sun peeks over Octobers hues has been a daily routine. Yesterday was certainly a gorgeous one, I could't resist sitting outside my humble abode and sharing this lovely light with you fellow readers.

|| DIY || Anti redness Hemp seed oil+sugar scrub

Store bought face scrubs can be great but usually they contain unnecessary ingredients such as sulfates also known as (SLS) Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, parabens which can be harmful to your skin and body. Ingredients are very important to pay attention to especially when

Beauty|| Silver + whites & everything nice

"If it is a crime to wear white after Labor Day, then make it a Lime Crime...By that I totally mean trying something new such as changing your usual black liquid liner to this amazing Winter white color. I am a super fan of white, especially during this time of year white is a hue that really inspires me when everyone in

||Freeing vibes||

I have always admired bohemian everything, as of lately I have made the steps to slowly release all negativity in my life and just focus on finding every aspect of myself. All in all I have been fully embracing my bohemian side! I have to say embracing this side has been so inspiring and rewarding. I can't wait to share my new projects
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