Changing skies

 I've been getting inspired by the incredible Lykke Li, not only her style of music but her overall sense of  being seems to have a huge impact on my creative lifestyle.
    As a young designer I am still discovering all the styles I can create... basically I still don't have my "look" completely figured out yet, after seeing these lovely photographs  I definitely feel a step closer to what I need to accomplish when it comes to my line.
 The "changing skies phase" (as I like to call it) always seem to be a consistent transition in my life, I no longer resent it and get stressed out as I once use to, but I now just fully engulf it, letting myself be free, especially after someone recently told me diversity is good.

Hope you lovely readers enjoy hearing my creative process as an artist in many fields.

Stay inspired. Stay free,

Priscilla Ivette


Thank you for your thoughts!

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