Beauty|| white eyeliner in the winter

"If it is a crime to wear white after Labor Day, then might as well go all out and make it a Lime Crime...By that I totally mean trying something new such as changing your usual black liquid liner to this amazing Winter white color. I am a super fan of white, especially during this time of year white is a hue that really inspires me when everyone in New York is draped in black like a ninja, white just seems like that perfect pick me up like whipped cream on hot chocolate. I myself am very guilty of the black on black everything which is why I was both tempted and inspired to try out this look. 

                                            || Look: Lunar Sea, Lime Crime liquid liner  ||

About this look: For this particular eyeliner I decided to go with a simple line across the lid instead of  the usual boxy winged look. Since the color is quite bold, a simple line close to your lash line goes a long way. To add depth to this look adding black pencil eye liner to your inner waterline can help complete the look  and make it a bit more ready to wear. The inspiration was very bohemian, a tinted moisturizer and a nude lip color really completed this wintery white with a warming glow.

Hope this look inspired you, more beauty tips and inspiring looks to come!

Priscilla Ivette

||Freeing vibes||

   Outfit|| Free People, necklace, Dress,  rings. 
        Sunnies, mini backpack, cuff (thrifted).  ||

   I have always admired bohemian everything, as of lately I have made the steps to slowly release all negativity in my life and just focus on finding every aspect of myself. All in all I have been fully embracing my bohemian side! I have to say embracing this side has been so inspiring and rewarding. I can't wait to share my new projects and exciting new changes coming to the blog and site. on other updates I finally caved and made a tumblr, which is strictly devoted to everything bohemian. This has truly become my go to place for inspiration from henna to moroccan tile, it's all just very freeing. Feel free to check out my tumblr here. In the mean time, my words of advice to all my fellow readers; Stay inspired, find the one thing that inspires you... discover your true bliss.

||Free your mind. Body & soul ||
                                                                        Much Love,
                                                                      Priscilla Ivette

Hat Lovers|| Featuring Collection 18

                                                                 Featuring|| Collection18 

     This post is definitely for all my fellow hat lovers out there! Here's some of my favorite hats from amazing brand Collection 18. I decided why not style my favorite hats at the moment, all the different ways I would wear them. These hats are honestly so versatile, I think that's what everyone should search for when looking for accessories. Here are some ways to wear these Collection 18 beauties, definitely some summer looks I would encourage you fellow readers to try out. So, go, go, go! ....In the mean time I will be hitting the beach with my cool blue sun hat.

Shop Collection 18 
Above hats found here:

Parisian Vibes|| First look: Blue Metallic Open Weave Sun Hat 

Beach Babe|| Second LookHead scarf Floppy Hat

Knits and Lace|| Final Look: Knitted pink baseball Cap

                                                             Priscilla Ivette

Photos by: Nyasziah Velez


Beyond the clouds...

Beyond the clouds 

"How to wear a hat in the rain... Wear a hat in the rain."

Making the best of tough situations can often be difficult. This is definitely something  I have been learning these past couple of days. A way to live life beyond the Clouds is, if you usually dread the rain grab  that umbrella, stomp your shoes and conquer those puddles! When entering adulthood we all seem to forget along the way to stop over complicating things. Sometimes we all just need to take a step back and realize maybe the solution to our troubles is really much simpler than we think... Maybe we all just need to put that hat on in the rain.

Fellow Blogger,
Priscilla Ivette 

All good things are knitted

                                                       Wearing: Collection 18 Knitted Hat,
                                                               Clear Jelly Sandals [similar],
                                                                Shirt/Cotton Dress Marshalls.

Wearing knits especially in the summer is uncommon and usually quite the style challenge, but I took the challenge since I absolutely am in love with these knitted hats from Collection 18! I have them in three amazing colors and can't wait to show you my collaborative style efforts on the blog! For this look I wanted to emulate a sort of modern day bohemian woman with almost effortless Parisian style. I just felt so cool bouncing around in my jellies walking through the meat  packing  district, drinking cool jasmine tea and making a surprising new discovery...  blocking the sun from my eyes with this knitted baby!

Style Tip: Don't be afraid to try out the sporty look, add some touches of simple brass or minimalist jewelry to compliment the style!

                                             Hope you all are having a beautiful Saturday!
                                                                   Priscilla Ivette

Thrifted Beaut-ees

                                                       ||Wearing || Thrifted flared pants suit, 
                                                               Jellies Urban outfitters, Shirt Marshalls , Hat H&M 

Thrifting is definitely something I recommend everyone to do at least once a month, or when ever shopping. The amount of uniqueness and character, I promise will not disappoint you. Even if it is just one piece after an entire day of thrifting, it will be so worth it... aanndd If you're anything like me, you might want to include that piece in your daily dress up routine haha.
 Nostalgia is always present in the fashion world, the past has always had an impact on my personal style and constantly influences what I am going to design.

Shown Above: Awesome Thrift store I recently discovered, I would recommend paying this place a visit, there's also plenty of thrifting options around the neighborhood. So go wild! Stay inspired.

                                                                                            Fellow Blogger,
                                                                   Priscilla Ivette

Style|| Details

Appreciating detail is something I try to relearn everyday. Lately I have been working on some new projects for my website, which can be so stressful! Sometimes taking a walk or learning to appreciate my small endeavors along the way is really is just the best escape. I believe once you are able to appreciate small details, life becomes very soothing.

                                 Wearing: Shirt Ginger G , Black lace bra/ Necklace Free People ,
                                                                        Hat Misguided