Appreciating winter...

    Photos by: Priscilla Ivette

Snowy weather and ice cold winds aren't exactly my cup of tea, and often I can find it quite hard to stay happy during the winter, considering how much I'm devoted to being a summer gal. As of lately the thought of a warm breeze, sunny skies, and beautiful flowers has been a craving more desirable than chocolate! Yes, chocolate, this is serious. For those of you who don't live in a cold state or NYC in general this particular post might just serve for artistic purposes, but for me taking these flower photos was a serious escape into what a dream land summer is to me. Sometimes it's important to take those small things that bring us to our happy place and create a whole new work of art.

Today, looking out the window with the visuals of a white world it didn't phase me or surprise me one bit considering just how cold this winter actually is brrrrr... To maintain my winter sanity I usually keep flowers in my room and as I began to change my flowers and pour the water down the sink I noticed my flowers were dying. It wasn't until this very moment that I realized the sight of these flowers were my bliss. At first it upset me that they too had died along with the rest of summers flowers, then I really looked at them and realized they hadn't lost their beauty but in fact they had a new beauty formed around them in their entirety.

 I managed to find a new perspective on winter in a matter of seconds

after this realization I  tried to express the true art form that had just been reborn before my eyes. These photos are now my true blissful escape to a season I love. Without winter I wouldn't have these amazing photos and new found appreciation for the small beauty expressed so uniquely in every passing season... Cold or not we can all cherish a new detail.

Much love,
Priscilla Ivette

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