|| DIY || Anti redness Hemp seed oil+sugar scrub

Store bought face scrubs can be great but usually they contain unnecessary ingredients such as sulfates also known as (SLS) Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, parabens which can be harmful to your skin and body. Ingredients are very important to pay attention to especially when
putting them on your skin since your skin pores directly absorb the product into your blood stream.

A good rule to have when picking a skin care product is to make sure it is SLS and paraben free also

another rule is if you can't pronounce the ingredients you probably shouldn't put it on your face or the rest of your body at least until you googled it. Another option would be to make your face/ lip scrubs at home with safe ingredients.  

Lucky for you with this homemade scrub recipe you can now help illuminate redness and it's safe enough to eat since there are no harmful ingredients involved. This scrub is a favorite and is used as a monthly regimen for quite sometime. So finally I am here to share it with you fellow readers,  with just three simple ingredients. Two of my favorite ingredients honey and cold pressed Hemp Seed oil have fantastic qualities which help moisturize your skin and illuminate redness on your skin. 

 //Ingredients you'll need//                                                   STEP 1: Add two tablespoons of sugar
 - Hemp Seed oil [Cold Pressed]                                          + two tablespoons of Hemp Seed Oil
 - Sugar 
 - Honey [preferred RAW]

                                             STEP 2: Add one full tablespoon of Honey

STEP 3: Mix together! Apply water to your face before using scrub. [Safe enough for lips and face]

|| Enjoy||
Posted by: Priscilla Ivette

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