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"If it is a crime to wear white after Labor Day, then make it a Lime Crime...By that I totally mean trying something new such as changing your usual black liquid liner to this amazing Winter white color. I am a super fan of white, especially during this time of year white is a hue that really inspires me when everyone in
New York is draped in black like a ninja, white just seems like that perfect pick me up like whipped cream on hot chocolate. I myself am very guilty of the black on black everything which is why I was both tempted and inspired to try out this look.

                                            || Look: Lunar Sea, Lime Crime liquid liner  ||

About this look: For this particular eyeliner I decided to go with a simple line across the lid instead of  the usual boxy winged look. Since the color is quite bold, a simple line close to your lash line goes a long way. To add depth to this look adding black pencil eye liner to your inner waterline can help complete the look  and make it a bit more ready to wear. The inspiration was very bohemian, a tinted moisturizer and a nude lip color really completed this wintery white with a warming glow.

Hope this look inspired you, more beauty tips and inspiring looks to come!

Priscilla Ivette

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  1. I don't know if I'd have the guts to try white eyeliner... Lately I've been experimenting with using a dusty rose lip pencil as eyeliner and using a teeny bit of blush as shadow. Maybe I'll try white next :)


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