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-Here's just a few of my current favorite inspiration fashion videos, I can honestly watch fashion film videos all day, if you're a fashion lover or a designer like myself, then I am sure you'll find these videos entertaining especially if you're a lover of bohemian style as much as I am! I am absolutely obsessed with creative direction and this is something I do for every shoot with my photographers and something I'm working on now.

~ Lately ~

*I've been cooking up some great pieces for the very first ModeAmen fashion show, to kick off  ! ....Which might explain why I haven't been blogging quite as often.  I hope you lovely readers understand, and of course more details will follow along with a blog giveaway for two front row seats to my show! In the mean time I will be blogging my inspiration and my life encounters two to three times a week tops since I am so incredibly busy, hope you all enjoy, trust me it will be worth it. In the mean time if you'd like to see any other blog posts I'm open for suggestions. :) Business inquiries:

Priscilla Ivette

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