Blooming Spring

About this look:
This is definitely one of my laid back days... well when ever I throw these loose Levi's on it always seems to give me this laid back comfortable feeling, and who wouldn't want that on a gorgeous day anyway? Also I finally found an excuse to pull my favorite Spring/Summer flats out :) I am seriously obsessed with these bad boys, I feel like they add an amazing touch to any outfit from a short summer dress, a long maxi, to... well, these baggy jeans. :] 

I love being comfortable and wearing loose, baggy things, [which makes me miss my long hair even more]  I just feel like I'm missing a huge part of my Boho/ Edgy style but I guess this has also given me an excuse to go hat shopping for interesting hats. Speaking of hats, the one above is from the 50's and I love this thing so much, I bought it Freshman year from this amazing Vintage shop --> You can only buy things from the store itself but it's so worth the visit. 
Lately I've been searching and discovering a bunch of Thrift stores in Brooklyn, where [I currently reside] and in Manhattan [where I practically live]. Hopefully soon, when I do my Spring shopping I will post more amazing vintage and thrifty finds for you lovely readers.
 So this is pretty much proof of my crazed obsession with Flowers. 
Now that it's Spring and they seem to be everywhere I can't help but snap countless photos of these beauties. This is actually a garden I pass everyday on my walk to the train, and I have to say I love the touches they add to this garden everyday, the statues honestly make me feel like this is some mystical garden in a magical land. Finally we are escaping this bitter weather and entering something Beautiful, 


Priscilla Ivette


  1. Hey, I just came across your blog and I love it, love your style as well! Feel free to visit my blog too. We could also follow each other if you like :)

    1. Thank you so much, and sure I will :)

      Priscilla Ivette

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love your laid back style, and these flowers are beautiful!
    Thanks for visiting Infinite Style!

    Juliette Laura

  3. We miss Spring in UK and your photos are so beautiful, full of life and sun!
    Really love your outfit! Looking Fab xx
    You have a new follower:)


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