Life. Change and Pretty Things

These photos pretty much cover what my life has been about lately 

-Clippers (the culprit)  for the new great haircut my cousin gave me; I admit I am hair crazy, I think I try to get a new hair style any chance I get... my best friends are probably going to kill me for it.

-Still making flower crowns for my website (coming soon) :)
                   -BLASTING...The 1975's any chance I get, I seriously am obsessed with this fantastic group, they're music is so uplifting and inspirational, so if you guys haven't heard of them I highly suggest listening to them<3>
-Random fringe bag picture, this has been my go to bag for everyday (Literally)
-New obsession besides The 1975... Elephants hence the elephant shirt which is probably my new favorite shirt, thanks to my wonderful sis for giving it to me. 

I guess that pretty much covers everything here, in the mean time I will be having a photo shoot soon for my line ModeAmen so stay tuned for that Dolls! Also a behind the scenes blog post will  be posted before the actual photos are posted on my website and blog. So please come check that out as well. :)

Until next time!
Priscilla Ivette 


  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment! Your blog is spectacular as well!
    I love your new look, very chic!
    Oh and congrats - 2013! ;)

  2. stunning photos, love them all :)

  3. love these photos, and your collection of shoes

  4. say perfect! Shall we follow by facebook and bloglovin>?


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