Happy New Year From ModeAmen!!

                                                                Photos by: Priscilla Ivette (me)

 Finally the new year is here and so are these amazing snap shots I took from ModeAmen's first style video for my website! I am so glad to be sharing these fantastic photos with you. The ModeAmen style video  comes out this Friday! Tune in I will be posting it on ModeAmen.blogspot.com Friday January 3rd ! What better way to start the new year then show you my lovely one of a kind creations styled multiple ways by Ms.Amber Lee.
     I'm so glad I got to work with such a great team! Enjoy dolls ModeAmen's style video comes to blogger this Friday! Also get your one of a kind limited edition tees before they sell out via ModeAmen.com

                                                              Priscilla Ivette

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