Georgia Lovin

 Hello lovely readers!

     I recently took the most amazing trip to Georgia with my best friend, to visit my other best friend. This trip was definitely a great breath of fresh air, Atlanta Georgia is such a relaxing, cute city, and the weather is just the perfect amount of hot and cold! Of course we did not want to come back to our snowy New York, however  on the bright side I took a truck load of great pictures of my stylish best friends and their wild outfits in Georgia, there are definitely some really cool style posts to be seen this week!
     I'm really going to miss this place, it's always nice to get away with the only people who truly understand my need to be absolutely random, dress up everywhere we go, run into anything we pass on the walk, then end our day spending hours at a huge arcade being the huge kids we are at heart. I'm so blessed to have not one, but two insanely great friends,who love fashion as well, what are the odds?!

                                                                       Stay Stylish,
                                                                         Stay lovin,
                                                                      Priscilla Ivette


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