Orange Jacket, knee high days

 Orange Jacket : Thrifted, Forever 21 Sneaker Wedges, H&M Grey Knee highs, Pacsun skirt

One of my favorite places to just waste hours is Barnes and Noble... or just any book store really. Over the years I discovered I am definitely a book person, if you have any good reads to suggest please comment them below I pretty much read any genre :-)
     I seriously am dreading every last second of this winter, especially when Georgia was lovely enough that I can wear knee highs, and not worry about my knees falling off. On the positive side it does add edge to peoples outfits during this fashion week, considering it's such a challenge to look good under these freezing cold circumstances. Can't wait to see your lovely looks!
In the mean time I will be in my room, sewing and draping some very exciting one of a kind pieces for my spring summer collection! I can't wait to show you dolls what's in store!

                                                                  Stay Warm,
                                                                Priscilla Ivette

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  1. I don't like so much orange, but with all your outfit, looks so good, and you are pretty with the color!

    Kiss, Nati


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