That crazed hippie child


     Shooting for @Modedangereux is always an interesting yet fantastic experience, here's from our last shoot together, as I was the subject for her portfolio. I think she emulated me perfectly considering I love messy flower filled hair, lace and natural almost cave woman style make up haha. Also since she is an artist and photographer she decided to paint over lace on my back to see it's natural affect, and she decided to do this with harsh colors like black and silver which added this crazy unexpected contrast which I fell in love with!
     Over the years I have grown more in touch with my natural side, and the bohemian style is something that never fails to inspire me every single day. Honestly I have to thank Free People for that, they exposed me to what is now my favorite style, and lifestyle if you will.
     I have to say although the photos came out fantastic I would not recommend, anyone who ever want's to explore just how artsy their body can be, to do this with acrylic paint! This stuff was incredibly difficult to take off, of course considering it's not meant for body painting haha well lesson learned here. Hope you all are having a nice Saturday before the winter storm hits!

                                                   Never stop expressing yourself, and pushing your creativity.
                                                                                  Priscilla Ivette


  1. adorable!

  2. Hey! Your blog is really cool and stylish! I loved reading this post, the pictures are great! I'm your newest follower!!! :)

    Keep up your work and have a great day! Regards from Denmark, Otto


  3. All your photos are so beautiful!

    Emma Xx


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