Pattern mixing and new hair!

 Photos by: me Outfit details: HM pants, Forever 21 open cardigan, Old Navy striped tank.

Whenever I miss my hair I am guilty as charged for placing these bad boys in my hair. I have to say hair gives me amazing confidence! Today after working out I decided to play dress up eventually putting together this cute outfit, it wasn't until after that I realized none of the patterns matched. However it looks amazing together! I think the trick is to make sure your top and bottom have similar colors if not the same color, and the patterns can mix/ match. As for the jacket or sweater I just figured black is always a nice compliment on any outfit no matter what pattern! and Voila this outfit was born!

     Here's a very linty preview of my latest project which is going to be my first and new giveaway! Coming soon! I promise there will be better photos of this baby coming this week, I just couldn't resist in showing you a small bit of what I've been working on! Stay tuned fearless fashionistas!

Priscilla Ivette

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  1. love your pants!! :D



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