Epic Weekend

It's never a dull day spending time with my best friends, especially when we can just switch outfits with each other. I just couldn't resist trying on my best friends epic weekend tee shown above, which eventually led to a game of dress up and some how ended with us in bathing suits,  running  literally two seconds before it starts pouring rain to have a mini picnic!  Just because we were dying to spend time outside in our bathing suits! Haha With our favorite drink at the moment lemon water of course! 

We can literally have fun doing anything which is why I absolutely love spending time with them, they are the greatest reward when I have been sewing/ designing, and stressing all week! It truly was an epic weekend. Special thanks to my other best friend who actually took these photos xx. 

                                                             ||Wearing: H&M||

                                                                    Priscilla Ivette


  1. These pictures are so cool! They literally remind me of a lookbook or catalog they're so good!


  2. The snaps also remind me of a cool lookbook! You look so cute and happy.

    Tara x

  3. I'm also currently obsessed with lemon water! Let me know when you can hang out! xx


  4. in luvvv<3

  5. You girls are gorgeous! Love the photographs!

    xo Jules

  6. I know that feeling having fun with best friends without a second of awkward moment! you guys look adorable! Heart your outfits!

    Jessica X


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