Thrifted Beaut-ees

                                                       ||Wearing || Thrifted flared pants suit, 
                                                               Jellies Urban outfitters, Shirt Marshalls , Hat H&M 

Thrifting is definitely something I recommend everyone to do at least once a month, or when ever shopping. The amount of uniqueness and character, I promise will not disappoint you. Even if it is just one piece after an entire day of thrifting, it will be so worth it... aanndd If you're anything like me, you might want to include that piece in your daily dress up routine haha.
 Nostalgia is always present in the fashion world, the past has always had an impact on my personal style and constantly influences what I am going to design.

Shown Above: Awesome Thrift store I recently discovered, I would recommend paying this place a visit, there's also plenty of thrifting options around the neighborhood. So go wild! Stay inspired.

                                                                                            Fellow Blogger,
                                                                   Priscilla Ivette


  1. And that climat ! OMG ! You' re a genius ! :D

  2. You're absolutely gorgeous!And the shirt is amazing aswell. x

  3. You're so beautiful!! Your hair is lovely. And your photos are too!! x


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