A piece of me; Vintage Glamour shoot

Photos taken by lovely
Ms. Nyasziah Velez

Hey everyone! My apologies it's been quite a while since I've had the time to blog, with my last year of High School and all. Any who, I've never really posted any projects that have been done on just myself, so I thought I could share this lovely vintage glamour shoot that was taken of me in my room, during my inspired thought process. When ever I am inspired by something for ModeAmen I usually inflict that theme on myself as well as bringing it out in my designs. I like to engulf what I'm inspired by and become it, then design it. Usually my lovely photographer/ close relative is present to capture me when I'm inspired. Since I'm obviously inspired by vintage glamour with a twist I decided to just dress up and become my inspiration,  Thank goodness "Nya" was there to capture it all and bring it to you.
-P.s if you enjoy seeing other sides of me, instead of just my fashion line,  photo shoots please give me feedback, I am a serious amateur when it comes to blogging.
-Thank you very much, Priscilla Ivette


  1. Wow, nice photos! You look gorgeous! *w*
    Thanks for your lovely comment! :D



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