Halloween and a Wedding

This particular halloween has been far from the usual dressing in costume and begging for candy. This year Halloween served as a  scary romantic day... yes I said romantic, as I spent my entire evening celebrating love!  Today on Halloween my amazing sister finally tied the knot with her best friend, also known as lovely blogger/ jewelry designer Vintage Trinket. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and couldn't have been more excited to be apart of theirs.

 I'm so glad I had the honor of spending this special day with these two very important people in my life. So hold up your pumpkin flavored beers and glasses on this spooky yet special day, and lets toast to my role models on their beautiful day!!

... as I share with you some pictures, sharing this special day...simple with people closest to us, enjoying , laughter, lovely outfits of course, and breakfast! Haha .

Heels && ... Combat boots 

My sister couldn't resist changing in to these

 Mimosas and 
Vintage trinket's lovely creative nails 

some Halloween candy

&& a toast to top the day

Congratulations to the lovely couple, love always...

xox, Priscilla Ivette

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