Although some felt as though Jean Paul Gaultier's fashion show paying an homage to  lovely Amy Winehouse was distasteful, I feel that this couldn't have complimented her iconic style any better as a talented one of a kind artist. Definitely a controversial topic,... Although this isn't his most recent show I  felt this great need to explain.
For a fashion designer, a couture fashion show during Paris fashion week is the greatest honor/ gift anyone can give/ receive . For those who don't quite understand just imagine the feeling of drowning and then right when you think you're going to lose your last bit of air, you find your way out back into the world of oxygen.... that relief of being able to breath again..... all that air rushing into your lungs is what fashion is for a designer... This is the only possible way I can explain it, haha a bit dramatic but I hope this helps you lovely readers understand. Please comment if you agree!! 


Priscilla Ivette

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