\Fishtail braid\

\Waterfall Braid\

\Milk Maid Braid\

Outfit Details: -ModeAmen Romantic Tassel Top paired with fitted GOLD skirt  - Forever 21 Plain white tee paired with ModeAmen Crimson floral skirt - Forever 21 Plain white tee paired with ModeAmen Forest Green skirt. Flower crown by ModeAmen.

I have to say when I asked my good friend Gabby to braid for my blog shoot I had no idea it would come out better than I had ever imagined it. In case you guys haven't checked out my previous blog post dedicated to my good friend Gabriel Lujano please check it out she's freaking awesome.

Thanks to my great model Ivy who effortlessly makes my visions better in reality, and of course thanks to my photographer Nya who was able to capture these great photos.... she captured so many incredible photos that this was the hardest, most difficult blog post I ever had to do. I seriously have been here for hours trying to narrow down the photos for you lovely readers. This was just such a great team I had the opportunity of piecing together and I'm just so thankful I got to work with such skilled and talented people.

-These items seen here will be for sale on ModeAmen.com which I'm working very hard this weekend so I can finally launch the site this week. (Hopefully *fingers crossed*)

...Until next time :)

Priscilla Ivette


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