(Current musical obsessions)

The 1975
 Here's just some of there songs but if you get a chance I strongly recommend listening to all of there fantastic songs. After actually seeing them perform all my favorite songs in Williamsburg music hall in Brooklyn ever since then my obsession has only grown and I literally wake up to them, shower, design, blog.... and well basically they're the soundtrack to my life right now... and I'm pretty sure my neighbors and everyone else knows it :p



Here's Lorde pronounced (Lord) with only EP's out at the moment, and man oh man do I love her music as well . Thanks to my friend Angela for showing me her, I can't thank her enough. Her songs have me singing so loud around the house.


I'm so glad I have discovered such great artist, I've been so busy working on my site this week and music has been the only thing keeping great company with me during this journey. For once here's musical artists actually talking about there life and not what everyone else is singing about on the radio.
 I truly admire  artists as these,  who express who they are, and stay true to their own particular sound,  that's super inspiring for me... so I guess this is  why I am obsessed with The 1975 and Lorde. 
Hope you enjoy this musical bliss as much as I do.
Maybe I will have you singing and rocking out during the week :)

Priscilla Ivette


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