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 Outfit Details: American Eagle outfitters dress, Material Girl Black Shirt, Vintage Sequence Hat, Forever 21 Deer Ring and Cross Necklace.

 Lately life has been as simple as my Eos Chapstick, cuddling with Dolce (pup) music,  breath of fresh air, and  fashion of course...  Oh yeah and let's not forget my favorite fancy tea cup from Anthropologie (I must drink everything in this beauty!)

For the most part this week has been busy, but laid back at the same time, considering my truck load of work has been in front of the computer screen! I've been doing non- stop site work and hopefully very soon it will pay off, and finally be launched. As seen in the pictures above...I'm already on the hunt for  inspiration for my Fall items which I am already excited to start sewing, I am obsessed with Free People hence the inspiration spread all over my bed in the above pictures, It's on my bucket list to work for their design team someday :) I figured since I change my hair like every month or so I should give you guys a Hair update :] ... Shaved the sides of my head, well my sister did it for me... and it's pretty awesome I  feel so bad ass with this hair cut. (P.s if you guys have any cool styles to do with this hair please tag me or comment a link, I'm up to try anything)

Until Next Time!

Priscilla Ivette

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