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Betsey Johnson Polka Dot bag, Indian Bangles, Baggy vintage Levi's, Forever 21 plain white tee, circular unicorn shades from Urban outfitters

It's always nice to grab some snacks and plan a last minute trip to Central Park with your close friends, this is seriously the only place in New York city where people are able to relax and enjoy the "natured" side of New York.
    I was really happy I wore such a laid back outfit to roll around the grass in:] Also it ended up looking pretty chic with these cute shades I borrowed from my friend Angela.
 I'm so happy I got to relax after a long weekend of hard work on my site... which is finally up! Hope you all have a lovely week. Also here's the link for my site...                            

                                                                           (More items to come)                  
                                                                                 Priscilla Ivette


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