A little sheen to your grunge

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Hey everyone! Hope you're enjoying the start of your week!
 So this  is probably my favorite pair of pants  ever , there metallic feel just accentuates any shirt or look I pair with them. For this outfit I just wanted to throw on some items that were laid back to pair with my dressy pants which added a grunge vibe, and a little more street style oriented if ya will lol. This look was definitely comfy and I encourage all you dolls to pair a dressy item with a few not so dressy items. The results can be magical-ly interesting!
In the mean time stay tuned, in a week or so you dolls should be getting first hand views of shirts and new original items by me, coming to my website ModeAmen.com

Priscilla Ivette  

Outfit details: NecklacePants, Hat, Purse


  1. Nice outfit! Such a great blog ^.^

  2. love the look - especially the layering xx


  3. beautiful look!



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