My pumpkin spice sweater...

Orange pumpkin colored sweater and purse bought in this store, Snake skin leather shorts from L train vintage,

I just absolutely adore this sweater. I have to activly stop myself from putting it on ever since I got it . It's warm orangy color truly reminds me of that sweet time of fall where I would get my favorite pumpkin spice late and just enjoy the beautiful fall breeze... This pretty much granted me the right to call it my pumpkin spice sweater. Lol  I also got this sweet vintage looking bag from the same store I bought my pumpkin sweater at. Also I couldn't get over how cool my thrifted snake skin high waisted shorts looked paired with this lovely sweater. I'm so happy I snagged those bad boys for only ten bucks! Unfortunately these stores aren't based online, however I did post their store locations in the links above.  Hope you're pumped up for sweet, sweet, fall as much as I am!!

                                                          Much Love,
                                                          Priscilla Ivette

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