Thrifted Nostalgia

 I've always been attracted to sunflowers, and bright yellows. Here's some great snaps from last summer of me wearing everything thrifted from GoodWill. I completely forgot to post this amazing post, so here you go! Perfect timing if you ask me, considering every New Yorker including myself are going through crazy Summer withdrawals!

 Last summer I was trying to go for a more sixties vibe mixed with spain inspired items and modern trends... cough, cough my Matthew Healy haircut! Thank goodness my hair has grown... even though I did rock it ;] If you guys get a chance hit up some Good Will's  around your area,, it's always good to play around with your style. Good Will is so amazing, especially if you live down South; you're blessed with more options and great prices.

 I got this amazing vintage skirt from South Carolina's GoodWill for only five dollars while visiting. Good Will is always good so give it a try and who knows, you might end up like me, with a flowy skirt that keeps you spinning!

Priscilla Ivette

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