Staying Active

As of lately... staying active has been a main goal of mine, it has been influencing my fashion as well as my health. I have been a running a mile at least three times a week! Which is something I would've never thought I would do, but as a result I have been feeling really great... & of course it gave me the excuse to pick up these awesome running sneakers.

|| I think it's really it's really important to love your body and exercise that love, weather you are running, or wearing these cruising down the streets of Brooklyn ||


 "It's never a bad time to stop and smell the roses, especially while on that journey to complete your goal. Weather you are working out or just being productive, never forget to enjoy the beautiful small details in life."

                                                 Featuring || Hat: Michael Stars, Sneakers (similar) Nike
                                                                  Forever 21 Top: "I love British Boys" ||
  I think we all can use that daily reminder to get out of our homes away from technology, grab a bike or your new favorite sneakers, put on that tee shirt that says just how much you love British boys, and just be active.

As many of you may know running is great for your over all health or just exercise in general and is a natural stress reliever...So, Go for a walk with your roommate, friend or maybe even your brother.... or grab that Vintage cruiser bike and take it for a spin with your  sister, I promise it will be much more fun than looking at a screen.
                                                 ...      Do it for yourself, appreciate life, be present. Stay active.

                                                                      Fellow Blogger,
                                                                        Priscilla Ivette


  1. Wow, you look so lovely;)
    Great photos;)

  2. Hi girl! I found your blog through FP and had to comment...I love these photos and everything it communicates...summer is on the way! Very fun! xx, Tiffany | /

  3. Love your look. Great pictures. I really love those Nikes!! Gorgeous all around.

    xoxo, Haylee

  4. I need that tee!! I love british boys too ;)
    followed you on GFC. would you mind to follow me back?

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  5. love your top! So summery!


  6. What a truly inspiring post! I love your bike and nikes, it's so colorful and positive, makes me wanna go exercise :)
    ✄ blog

  7. I adore this British tee! Good for you-- as for me, I am still stationary on my couch!

  8. I love the t-shirt ;) … Amazing shots you look beaut !! Keep up the good work.

  9. I love these images, that bike and those sneakers!! <3

    Tara x


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