Brooklyn Baby

They say I'm too young to love you

I don't know what I need
They think I don't understand
The Freedom land of the seventies
I think I'm too cool to know ya
You say I'm like the ice I freeze
I'm churning out novels like
Beat poetry on Amphetamines
I say
I say.....

My boyfriend's in the band

He plays guitar while I sing Lou Reed
I've got feathers in my hair
I get down to Beat poetry

     I'm a Brooklyn baby....  
Growing up in Brooklyn with art and rustic inspiration every where you turn, I couldn't resist sharing my latest obsession by the lovely Lana Del Rey lyrics from her song Brookyln Baby. Brooklyn is all about mixing styles and culture, and that has definitely influenced my style and inflicted many diversities upon me...
                                                                I'm a Brooklyn baby....  I'm a Brooklyn baby....  
                                                                 Priscilla Ivette


  1. Really like the vibes and hues of this post! xx

  2. Ahhh, I love these snaps and your outfit! That second picture is so beautiful.

    Tara x

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